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About AnchorSoft

AnchorSoft provides next-generation software license protection services to publishers of consumer, small business productivity, entertainment and other Windows-based software.

AnchorSoft’s patent-pending licensing technology has key advantages over dongles and other license protection systems:

  • Low Cost:  Per-license fees range from 25 cents to $1 depending on annual license volume. At a cost of 1% or less than product list price, AnchorSoft, for the first time, lets publishers protect titles costing as little as $25 at retail level.
  • Secure: Once a software program is registered with an AnchorSoft license key, users cannot take the software in licensed mode to another computer. They can, however, pass the demo version onto others.
  • Increases Sales: While most software protection systems are focused on preventing theft, the AnchorSoft system was designed to help stimulate sales by enabling publishers to encourage customers to freely distribute copies of the unlicensed version of their software to friends, family and colleagues, generating pass-along sales in the process. They can also make their software available for download in evaluation mode. Customers who decide to purchase only need to purchase a license key to take the software out of evaluation mode, eliminating the costly process of shipping product.
  • Anonymous: The AnchorSoft licensing system is anonymous. No personal information is required for a user to register software purchased through retail, from online services or directly from the publisher. Consumers, fearing getting on spam lists or compromising their privacy, are very particular about giving up personal information when registering software products they purchased.
  • Low Overhead: The AnchorSoft system uses online-based registration technologies to create a hands-off license registration system that requires no action on the part of the publisher in terms of license administration and overhead.
  • Simple Integration: Publishers are able to add the AnchorSoft license protection systems to their software in just a few hours of time.
  • Flexible: Software publishers generate all their own licenses and control on how many computers a customer can install the licensed software. Publishers also have full, real-time access to data in the online license registration database for sales tracking and other purposes.

Interested publishers can contact us for additional information and a free evaluation package.

AnchorSoft was founded by a team of experienced Silicon Valley high-tech executives.

Steven Schoch, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer graduated from U. C. Berkeley, then designed networking and encryption software for NASA at the Ames Research Center. He also holds a position at StarNet Communications Corp. Steven is co-inventor of the AnchorSoft software licensing technology.

Jon Clem, Chief Financial Officer. Having worked in a myriad of diverse organizations in his career, Jon brings a wealth of financial and management expertise to AnchorSoft. After eleven years coming up through the ranks in financial positions with General Electric Company, Jon has spent the last 13 years in financial and general management positions within various private and publicly-held high tech companies. Jon holds a B.A. degree in Business Management with emphasis in Accounting.

Paul Swart, Vice President, Sales and Marketing. Paul, who co-invented the AnchorSoft licensing technology, brings more than 20 years of marketing management experience in Silicon Valley’s high-tech industry. He served as managing director of Interpost, an international marketing service and directed the international public relations program for Network Computing Devices (NCD) in the mid 1980s.


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