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AnchorSoft Demo

We've written a small application that behaves much like Notepad, except that it won't let you save files until after you register it!  The entire source code to this application is included with the AnchorSoft documentation.

First download AcmeEdit.exe.  It's just a Windows application, so you don't need to install it, just save it somewhere on your disk. You will also need to put the AnchorSoft registration libraries, ASReg.dll and ASUser.dll into the same folder. As it was written with MFC, it does need some other DLL files, so if it doesn't run, you may also need msvcrt.dll and/or mfc42.dll. (Some browsers require you to use the right mouse button to save DLL files.)

When you run AcmeEdit, it doesn't find that you've registered it before, so it asks you to register or evaluate.  Note that if you evaluate the software, you can still open and edit, but you can't save a file.

To register, first get a VN (Validation Number).  You can get one from Paul Swart. Send him a message if you have any questions.


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